Friday, August 28, 2009

How To...

The IRS has started to post videos on YouTube and iTunes. It’s not what you are thinking, though. They are How-To messages. This goes to show that no matter how long you have been around and no matter how boring you might be there is still hope. You can take a step out of your comfort zone and do something that will promote goods for those with needs. The videos include help for tax time, as well as a federal withholding calculator making sure you get the money you deserve.

I have recently watched some of the videos and wasn’t bored at all. The information located on their site is set-up into short segments, which to me is great. So if you are looking for some tax “breaks” or helpful tax tips take a look at the IRS YouTube channel or look on your iTunes store for their podcasts.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Is There a Limit

How far will technology be able to stretch before it can’t stretch anymore? What I mean by that is; how many more ways can we use technology until no new inventions can come? Or no new benefits can be made? After reading some articles on, MSNBC and Microsoft I felt baffled by what people are doing with the latest technology. reported about American Airlines making internet service available to more of its aircrafts and Microsoft discussed how it was going to use smart homes to save consumers money on their electric bills.

Where do we go from here? There are a tremendous amount of good things out and available to the world but is it enough to keep the world turning? There seems to always be a need to update your computer or update the software and it will never end. There is no limit as to how far technology will stretch as long as there is no limit to the imagination of the human mind.

When all is said and done the question we ask ourselves should be, what can I add to improve upon the latest technology? We all have talents and if we share, like our parents taught us to, we can imagine beyond what has already been done and do more. The need for better, faster and smaller will never stop and so technology knows no bounds. So whether you have the farthest vertical network plan or the greatest money saving system or you just have an idea, get it out there and be a part of the expansion of technology.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Online Marketing Guru

I would like to thank Mark Cenicola and Jeff Helvin from BannerView for their tremendously helpful presentation today. They gave a great seminar on how to effectively use blog and e-mail marketing. The two traded off sharing valuable information and giving practical examples and stories.

With ideas of integrating the blog in with the company web site, creating a company newsletter and doing all this on a consistent basis, I now have a bright hope for getting the word out. Time comes with all great things but steps will be made shortly to make some keen changes.

Again my thanks go out to Mark and Jeff and I recommend them, and BannerView, to anyone with concerns or questions about their online marketing.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Time For a Vacation

Avoid being trapped by your computer. Take a vacation.

Have you been working for your company for the past two years without taking a good week long vacation? Then it is time to go somewhere. Surveys’ have proven that companies’ productivity and efficiency increase as its’ employee’s take a vacation. You return to work relaxed a refreshed, ready to make money for yourself and the company.

So now that you got a week before school starts find a way to get out of the office and onto the road.

Friday, August 14, 2009

If it ain't broke...

You have heard the phrase “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” but everybody leaves the rest of it off; “be ready for the worst though.” There is going to be a time when what you don’t want broken gets broken. My trucks transmission wasn’t running as smooth as it should have been the other day so I took it in. Fortunately the truck is still under warranty and it didn’t cost me a dime. So I was ready for the worst and it paid off.

So take a moment to think of something that you don’t want to randomly quit on you and find the best way to get it protected in case hard times come. I promise you willl be grateful.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Remembering Our Past to Make Our Future

From a single thought and hours of hard labor comes years of perfecting and improving. With years behind us and years to come we can take a moment to see how much we have improved from the invention of computers to today’s mass production and usage. Through changes and improvements the computer has been brought to the world. These changes, as small as some were, have made the world a safer and all-around better place to live in.

So what does all of this mean to you and me? We, as individuals, can change the world. We can use past inventions and mold them into something better, something of worth, something that will enhance the future. We can remember what people have done and improve upon it. We, as individuals, can change the nation; can change the world, for those of the future.

Now you might say that you are not the best at all this computer stuff, but that does not matter. Being skilled at one thing is all it takes. Computers have only been around for a short time compared to the history of the world and people survived before the computer. Take pleasure in what you are good at, then find someone to help you in the things that you don’t do so well.

It’s time to express ourselves and make the world a better place.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pumped and Ready For School

I’m not sure about many of you, but I am ready for school to start. I have purchased my new laptop, I have my class schedule set and I have my grants and loans ready to pay for school. However, these are not the only reasons why I am thrilled for the new semester. With the purchase of my new laptop from Dolomite I have one-year of computer service and technical support available to me. The best part is that it came free with my laptop.

Now, no matter where I go, I can get the help I most desperately need. I will be able to go to school with few computer concerns. I know that I can post-pone a project all I want because I know my computer will work with me, not fight against me and that is a wonderful feeling.

So if you are looking for a new laptop, desktop or netbook that comes with a great guarantee call Dolomite at 702-944-9922 or visit their Web site at

Friday, August 7, 2009

Patience is a Virtue and Time is Money

It has been said that patience is a virtue but who can wait when it comes to computer work. All these companies out there promise you great service at an affordable price but what about customer service. No one seems to care about the people paying to keep their company moving. They only care about the money that those people have and not taking the time to consider the person behind that dollar.

That seems unreasonable and not logical. With Dolomite you not only get the computer service you want but you get the customer service you deserve. We take into consideration the position and knowledge of all our customers and help them any way we can, any time we can. To learn more about Dolomite and its award winning service visit our Web site at

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Looking Good in Green

Every company is looking for new and innovative ways to go green for the environment. So let Dolomite help. We can simplify communication between departments as well as save on needless paper printing, given you the productivity you want at a price you can afford.

To find out how dolomite can help you go green and help save the planet visit our Web site at or speak with a representative at 866-575-3690.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Microsoft's Recent Security Threats

Microsoft has sent out a recent Security Advisory regarding its’ Active Template Library (ATL). For resolution of issues visit Microsoft’s Web site If you have any further questions Dolomite has certified technicians available to help 24/7. To contact a Dolomite representative call toll free 866-575-3690.

Dolomite has been nominated as one of the Best IT Computer Service companies in the Las Vegas Area.